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Shalateen jewelry 

These pieces made by women from Elba Mountain are like no other accessories. They are Original in every sense of the word. The designs are mainly spontaneous creations of every artisan that's why every piece is one of a kind. We use natural leather cured by the women themselves. Leather is Ecological comes from goats bred for meat by the families. 

We add new pieces made every week on our website Omar Handmade and on Etsy shop and our website

.... Versatile beautiful woven plate, wonderful on the wall or on a table ....

.... Small woven palm leaf baskets for jewelry ....

....  Exquisite decorative basket for boho homes .... 

Shalateen Baskets

The basketwork of Shalateen comes in many shapes and sizes. All are made from the doum palm leaves and mostly decorated with natural goat leather. 

Choose from our selection of baskets we add every week on our website Omar Handmade and our Etsy shop 


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