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Wooden kitchen set (spoon fork and butter knife)

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Set of beautiful Rosewood kitchen set (Spoon, Fork, butter knife) handmade from Solid & beautiful Egyptian wood. Each piece is hand-sanded till it reaches a perfectly smooth surface for touch and best performance. An excellent cook gift and Christmas Mom gift.

Specification: Knife: length ca. 8.6" (22 cm), Spoon and Fork: Length ca. 26 cm (10").

Material: Egyptian local solid wood. No rainforest was affected by making this product. 

Method: Hand-cut, sanded, finished with olive oil.

Note: Each piece is unique. you may notice normal differences in color and natural wood grain. 

Use and Care: Don't clean in the dishwasher. Proper cleaning is just with mild soap and warm running water (Don't soak) then dry with a towel. When it is needed, you can improve the shine by wiping with mineral oil or olive oil. It is normal that the color gets little paler by washing and this doesn't affect the quality and fitness for the use.

Delivery time: EU (3-5 days), US (5-7 days).
Shipping: Registered mail.

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