Mexican decor plate palm straw
Mexican decor plate palm straw

Mexican decor plate palm straw

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Unique woven trivet made of colored palm leaves. It is beautiful on the table and on the wall. 

Nubian plates are cultural unique local products. They are useful and gorgeous decorative tools. 

When buying these baskets you're supporting our communities and creating jobs also helping reserving our precious ancient crafts.

Palm basketwork is very important from ecological side as it uses big amounts from the date palm waste which would be dumped instead and pollute the environment.

Our baskets are:
✔ 100% Sustainable ✔ 100% Ethnic Handmade ✔ Unique ✔ Indigenous Egyptian Handicrafts

Size: ca. 29 cm (11.5").

Material: palm leaves taken from palm dates trees and dates raceme. 

Method: Hand weaving old Egyptian technique.

Easy Care: Can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then let to dry.

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Shipping with Registered mail.

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